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Friday, July 15, 2005

This Man Gets Laid

Get lucky, get laid. Most men just can’t get laid like they might like.

Women just don’t want to let the average guy get laid. It’s the bad boys like Elvis Preston King that are getting laid two to three times per day while the nice guys are going home with a kiss on their cheek if they are extremely lucky.

Most men just don’t get it . They are wussies. Face it… it just isn’t going to get any better. Now there are some pick up artist gurus who have written a book or two that may help a little. But if you are a man with a little change in your pocket hire the guru-san himself. Elvis Preston King. This man picks up and seduces more girls than any man on earth. He has so many girlfriends that he has to be chauffeur driven in a vehicle with dark glass through the back door of his bachelor pad. There are so many girls waiting to catch your king for a second date that the king rented a second house out in the country gated and guarded and no women are allowed unless it his mother.

This man gets laid!

My advice to you boys is stop being a wussie doormat to girls. Don’t let girls CONTROL you. Once I had a Miss World girlfriend and I worshipped her. Needless to say I lost the girl of my dreams. It only took me one time to learn girls do not like or want wussies that can’t get laid. Women and girls want men who are men. Men who show them who is boss and men who wear the pants. No I am not talking about beating your girlfriends or verbally abusing your girlfriends either. Yes I am big headed and cocky with women. No woman uses me for a doormat. I don’t do expensive dates. The girls go where I say or they go home. Of course, where I say is the bachelor pad to get laid.

I wish I had time to date all my girls twice or more, but when you have attraction that could only be matched by Elvis Aaron Presley you get laid more than any man on the planet. I am happier and I enjoy my life more than any billionaire. Donald Trump wants to be just like Elvis Preston King when he grows up. I hope one day he does grow up and quits marrying the first pretty face that smiles at him. Sorry Donald if you would have consulted expert help before you bought the farm with that wife of yours you wouldn’t be the wussie you are now.

You can keep beating yourself over the head for ideas of how to get laid or you can email your king, the king of seduction and the world’s number 1 pick up artist on the face of the earth. The get laid king…Elvis Preston King. I f you want to get laid everyday by a different hot chic everyday email the get laid king at:


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