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Elvis Preston King is the world’s most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at or visit

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pick up Artists in the Seduction Community

By Leonardo Di Casanova

There is an international community of men who are striving to be better with women. There have always been men who could get women in the sack and there has always been the major majority of men who just don’t get it.

Western society, feminatzis, and women’s equality movements have made it harder and harder for today’s man to get laid.
The seduction community was born in the mid- eighties and many consider the founding father to be Ross Jeffries, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques called "Speed Seduction" (SS). R. Don Steele helped men over thirty-five lay young chics. He was influenced by Ayn Rand. The first man to actually pop the cork on pick up and seduction before the community was born was Eric Weber with his 1970 book How to Pick Up Girls.

The community began to grow as men exchanged information through internet forums and groups. Hundreds of clubs around the world were formed called lairs. This subculture is simply referred to as the community. Thus the pick up artists were born. Many these pick up artists were simply computer geeks who uncovered the basic rules of pick up and seduction. One of the most famous self-taught geeks is Mystery (Erik Von Markovik). He in turn taught another bald headed geek named Neil Strauss given the name Style by Mystery. Fortunately for the community and for Style and Mystery Neil Strauss’s book “the Game” reached the New York Times best seller list. In reality both men only had sex with not more than a few hundred women before they entered into a relationship and settled down. They got the very disease that they named called One-it-is. (A term they created when a player is taken out of the game for the love of just one woman).

In contrast there are men like the late Wilt Chamberlain and today’s Elvis Preston King who have slept with over 20,000 women! Elvis Preston King is a player, playboy, ladies man and pick up artist who has been in the game for over forty years and has seduced an average of one to three women per day for forty years. Cliff from who has a site dedicated to pick up and seduction travels the world looking for the truly greats in pick up and seduction whether they are members of the community or not. He flew to the Dominican Republic to meet this great pick up artist, Elvis Preston King and had this to say about the King after a five day visit, “Elvis claims to be the world’s greatest pick up artist and that he sleeps with one to three women per day, believe it or not, it’s true.” Mystery had challenged Elvis to a show down on the internet but new in his heart that he wouldn’t even have a chance against this great and experienced guru in real life competition. Even though Elvis never knew of the community he was light years ahead of the other guys in the seduction community. The other guys in the seduction community are children next to this great and experienced pick up artist guru, Elvis Preston King. The community stars were immediately threatened that the great King would take all of the dvd, cd and workshop market so the top guys in the community plotted to keep the truth away from the community. A political movement against Elvis had begun. Elvis told me that he was too old to do workshops flying from city to city and staying up all night. Elvis is a natural and great at department store and street pick up. He gets laid before most guys even get ready to go out clubbing. Cliff invited Elvis to the 2006 Cliffs List Convention in Montreal Canada where he spoke at the convention and while the other guys were speaking he was out in the street pulling women back to the hotel and to the convention. Cliff hired a movie crew to follow the King around. Women interviewed after being approached by Elvis were in awe of the King and said that he looks good, smells good and probably tastes good also. I am sure many girls in Canada found out just how good the King tastes. This guy is just out of this world he is superior with women. Elvis puts on what he calls get laid workshops. Unlike other workshops where the guys focus on kiss closes and approaches, the King focuses on actually picking up women and getting laid. There are several reports of these workshops posted over at his Bachelor Dream Tours blog.

Other pick up artists and seduction gurus have emerged. There is a lot of eye gouging and internet flaming amongst the competing methods.

The guy who seems to have taken the art most seriously is David Deangelo. He quickly surrounded himself with men who are great with women such as Brent, and Rick H. He put out cd and dvds that are of a very good quality and it appears he is raking in the bucks. While he is not a natural by any means he certainly was smart enough to surround himself with naturals and great ladies men. He teaches a good game.

Elvis Preston King
Brad P
Bad Boy
Mystery Method
Pick up 101
Attract and Date
The Approach
Charisma Arts

Other notables pick up artist and seduction gurus are:
Bad Boy, Juggler, Stephen Nash, (Playboy LA), Juggler, Tyler Durden, Zan, Lance Mason, and David Shade (threesomes expert with bi-sexual women).

The author’s best guess list of best pick up artists


Huge Gap……………………………………………….

2. Rick H
3. Brent
4. Brad P
5. David Deangelo
6. Badboy
7. Swingcatt
8. Mystery
9. Style

10. Lance Mason

Names to watch for in the community include: Gunwitch, Shark, Maddash, Steve Piccus, Road King, Cameron, (the One), Masterclass, Hypnotica, Craig, Jlaix, Christophe, Sickboy, Harmless, Merovinigian, Dave M, Toecutter, Bishop, DJ, Carlos Xuma, Chet, Adam Gilad, Clint Arthur, Payton Kayne, Nick (playboyskool), Michael (dating wizard), Nige, Robert Ruffo, Stripped, Rion Williams, David Wygant, Alex Benzer, Doc, DJ, Sin, Stephane, Will, Blake Richards, Leonardo Di Casanova, (Rome Italy), Alberto Prince (Elvis Preston King’s wingman) and last but not least Kyle Starr. Kyle Starr is a twenty two year old pick up artist who Elvis has taught the Elvis Preston King Method to and Elvis hopes he can carry the Elvis baton into the twenty- second century!

Let the community live and prosper. With all the miserable men in the world who don’t know the first thing about meeting women this is community is truly a blessing to mankind. Yes that includes women. Women want to meet a real MAN every once in a while.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pride Keeps Macho Men from Getting Laid

No man wants to admit that he is not good with women. But the fact is that most men do not know the first thing about getting laid and picking up and seducing women.

Pick up and seduction is just like any other skill and talent. Some men are naturals but even naturals need to know how to get laid. They also need practice just like in baseball.

For example most men usually get married eventually and then most men usually end up divorced. That time spent in marriage generally prohibits a man from being a player in the game. No practice. The skills are gone if the guy ever had any to begin with.

Many women have turned into Feminatzi’s and the game is harder than ever to play. A new breed of pick up artists, playboys, ladies men, dating experts has emerged to help the guys who don’t understand the game to learn the game. Professional pick up artists.

My name is Elvis Preston King and I am the oldest most successful ladies man, player, playboy, pick up artist, seduction artist on the planet. I pick up tons of hot young beautiful women and girls. I have been at it for over forty years. I am the best. I have had pick up artists challenge me and I always get more girls in the sack at the end of the night than any other man. I have averaged one to three girls in the sack per day for over forty years. I was not slowed down by a wife and I am the most experienced playboy to surface in the twenty-first century. I have bedded so many women that I do NOT like to mention the number because no one can believe or conceive the truth and the number of hot babes that I have seduced. No bragging, just pure fact. I am a professional pick up artist and I pick up girls for me and for other guys. It is my first love and my hobby but with my claim to fame I decided to do it professionally. It is a lot of fun for me to show off my skills to guys from around the world and to get my clients laid and get myself laid. No one has been able to match my skill. Here is where the problem comes along. When I tell a guy that I can help him get laid it is hard for a guy to admit that he needs help in the first place. Most guys would rather hang onto their macho pride than let me help them. If I were in their shoes and did not get the kind of women in the sack that I desire and I new a guy like myself I would stalk the guy for his help. Guys like Elvis Preston King aren’t around every corner.

For an average macho man to try to compete with me to see who can bed the most chics would be like an average guy trying to pick a fight with the world champion of boxing. He wouldn’t have a chance. I have consistently bedded over one to three girls per day for forty years. Even when I am sick I bed the nurses if I can move. Yes I am a sex addict.

The other thing is that young guys resist hiring me because they just can’t stand it because an old fart can get all those young hot babes.

These macho guys get lucky once in a while but they just don’t know what they are missing by NOT hanging out with the REAL world’s greatest pick up artist, verified over and over again. Just do a google search and you can find hundreds of articles explaining my abilities and accomplishments with women.

So, if you are a macho man, or an alpha male with a big ego and if you are not getting laid every day like you would like to, forget your pride and call the King, Elvis Preston King. Don’t let my appearance and my age fool you. I get laid every single day and I never have sex with the same girl two days in a row, easy enough to verify by simply getting an appointment to hang out with Elvis Preston King. Call Elvis at 809-720-3259 or email

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Older Men Younger Women

Will It Work?

Of course it will work but you have to know how to pull it of off.
While no statistics are readily available, older man-younger woman couples have long existed and may be becoming more prevalent and more socially acceptable. In certain Hollywood and corporate circles, especially among financially successful men, the practice is so common that these younger women, usually second wives, have been given the disparaging nickname of "trophy wives."
Medical advancements are helping this merger of the generations become more realistic than ever. Erectile enhancing drugs such as Viagra have allowed many older men to continue an active sex life. At the same time, new fertility treatments have extended the childbearing years for women, making possible families like that of author Saul Bellow, who became a father at age 85 this year when his 44-year-old wife gave birth.

My name is Elvis Preston King I am the world’s greatest senior playboy. I have landed myself a spot on the “Living Sex legends List.”

Life expectancy for men is now 73.6 years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, compared to a life expectancy for women of 79.4 years. The truth is guys we just aren’t going to make it. I am 57 years old and I like to date (have sex with 18 year old hotties). But to try to hang on to one of these sweeties is not going to work over the long haul. My solution is to be a playboy. I am the most successful playboy on the planet and fortunately for older men who love younger women I, Elvis Preston King am for hire. There are tons of articles on the internet advocating my skills and talents with a twist on the older man and the younger woman. I have a 45 year old slim hot woman who takes care of your aging Sex Legend and we have an understanding that I am the world’s greatest playboy. After all I need an older woman around to take care of me when I am old and truthfully I do NOT trust my 18 year old dream girlfriends that I currently date. I have one blonde, blue 18 year old who swears she wants to marry me and take care of me for life. She looks like she just stepped out of Victoria Secret except that she is younger than most of their models.

I, Elvis Preston King am the real James Bond of the world and I for goodness sake for you am for hire. I travel the world looking for the most beautiful young women who are attracted to older men. Right now I am located in the Dominican Republic, the home of Miss Universe 2003. Bill Clinton is often seen out on the golf courses here. And I know that he has an eye for younger women just like the King does. Yes, I had the pleasure of meeting this great ladies man. Although he would be smart to hire Elvis as his right hand man if hot young women are his game.

I have dated and seduced more young women than any man dead or alive. This is not said loosely or to boast, this is pure fact. The Living Sex Legend List:

11. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) - 1,000

10. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) - 1,000

9. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) - 1,200

8. Jack Nicholson (actor) - 2,000

7. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) - 2,500

6. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) - 3,000

5. Julio Iglesias (singer) - 3,000

4. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) - 4,600

3. Charlie Sheen (actor) - 5,000

2. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000

1. Elvis Preston King (pick up artist and playboy) -21,000

If younger women and the older man is your game Elvis Preston King is the man to hang out with. He is an expert, grand master pick up artist and playboy. The good new is that he is for hire. Call Elvis Preston King at 809-720-3259 or email the King at

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to Meet Beautiful Women

I just did a Google search and here are some of the results that I found.:

Senior Playboy Club: Meet Beautiful Exotic Women the World Over
With Elvis Preston King at your side this is NOT hard. Picking up and seducing beautiful exotic women world wide is my EXPERTISE. ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages ( A MUST click)

Senior Playboy Club: Men’s Magazines and Elvis Preston King
The amazing part of the story is that Elvis Preston King is NOT a YOUNG man. He is 57 years old and lays more hot beautiful women than any man on earth. ... - 22k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from ] (You gotta click on this)

Bachelor Dream Tours
My name is Elvis Preston King and I do it all for YOU. I meet the beautiful women I set up the dates and I seduce the women for YOU. ... - 84k - Cached - Similar pages ( Another Great google search)

Elvis Preston King Profile and Articles
Hi, I am Elvis Preston King I hold the world record of the most girlfriends of any man on the ... “I love beautiful women, and beautiful women love me. ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages (A must know for bachelors and married men!)

Article Search Engine:
Meet Beautiful Exotic Women the World Over by Elvis Preston King. Have an exotic vacation with exotic women with OUT having to sleep with ESCORTS, ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages (You have to click on this great article)

Beautiful women- Can average guys get beautiful women? ... Also, the more you
approach and meet women, the faster you'll be able to put the puzzle together ... - Similar pages : Finding beautiful women
As long as men keep reasoning that beautiful women date ugly or regular-looking men for their money, they will always miss out on opportunities to meet ... - Similar pages

Picture Personals -- Meet Beautiful Women Around The World
Use the picture personals to find foreign women looking for love and marriage...... or just to have a good time on your travels. - 52k - Cached - Similar pages

Russian Latin and Asian Women Dating Service - Mail Order Brides
A Foreign Affair international dating service meet Russian women Latin women and ... Meet 500 to 2000 Beautiful Foreign Women During Our Romance Tours! ... - 56k - Cached - Similar pages

Re: How To Meet Beautiful Women
To:; Subject: Re: How To Meet Beautiful Women; From:; Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 23:57:43 -0800 (PST) ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

Russian women marriage-Single Russian women dating single Russian ...
Dating services for men seeking beautiful Russian women and Ukrainian girls. ... wish to meet Ukrainian and Russian ladies for correspondence and marriage. ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

Beautiful Sexy ladies - Mеждународные знакомства
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Meet Russian mail order brides for romantic correspondence and ...
Meet thousands of beautiful letter order brides from hundreds of ex USSR ... International dating agency offering letter contact with single russian women. ...
Worth a look, I am sure if you search google with meet beautiful exotic women and Elvis Preston King you will also get a lot of results. Google is where I did this search good old reliable Google.

I suggest you search Living Sex Legends and Elvis Preston King

The NEW Living Sex Legends List

11. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) - 1,000
10. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) - 1,000
9. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) - 1,200
8. Jack Nicholson (actor) - 2,000
7. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) - 2,500
6. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) - 3,000
5. Julio Iglesias (singer) - 3,000
4. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) - 4,600
3. Charlie Sheen (actor) - 5,000
2. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000
1. Elvis Preston King (pick up artist and playboy) -21,000

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Living Sex Legends List

Maxim Magazine has came out with a Living Sex Legends List. That includes the men that they are aware of that has had sex with more women than any other living men.

It is a good list. They just did NOT dig deep enough to find the man who really holds the number ONE spot. That man is the pick up artist and playboy Elvis Preston King who now has replaced the record of the late Wilt Chamberlain. Elvis has slept with over 21,000 women. The man is 57 years old and is NOT slowing down. All maxim would have had to do was spend a week with the KING and they would have been able to confirm that the KING in fact sleeps with one to three women per day.

This fact has been confirmed by Cliff from Cliff who has a Website devoted to seduction and travels the world looking for the greatest pick up and seduction artists. After five days with the KING, Elvis Preston King, Cliff had this to say about the living legend, “Elvis claims that he is the world’s greatest pick up artist and that he sleeps with one to three women per day, believe it or not it’s TRUE.”

I, Elvis Preston King have been a playboy and pick up artist starting at 14 years old. I have been at it for forty years. I never came forward because I had plenty of cash and a retired lifestyle. Some bad investments have forced me to look into the finacial aspects of my rightful claim to the title of the Living Sex legend. The man who gets laid even as you read this article more than any man on earth since the time of the Roman Empire. This legend lives and breathes and YOU can be a part of the legend. This is not bragging as most men do. This is pure fact and can easily be confirmed by spending a week with the King. Elvis Preston King is for hire. For a week or for a lifetime. He is on a world wide search for just one finacially independent guy who has NOT had his fair share of HOT BABES. If you are that man email the King now before he gets hired off the market. Bear in mind there are millions of finacially independent men who are NOT getting laid out there but there is only ONE Living Sex Legend for hire. I suggest you email Elvis Preston King at asap!

In Miami when I, Elvis King was out picking up girls I would occasionally run into Charlie Sheen. We compared notes and found out that we had bedded some of the same girls. After I had sex with a little hottie she told me she also slept with Charlie Sheen, she was scared to death of catching AIDS because she told me Charlie went bareback and so did the KING! I, Elvis have partied with Charlie on a few occasions and have a couple photos of us out together. He was ususally tanked so I will probably have to show him our pictures to ring his memory. Charlie, if you want to increase those numbers call the King at 809-720-3259. Together no one could touch us.

The other nine biggies I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet.
On the subject of Big Living Sex Legends the King, Elvis Preston King is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, all due respect for Bill Wyman and I am a big fan of Jack Nicholson.

The notches continue to whittle away at the King’s bed post on a daily basis.

The List Corrected

11. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) - 1,000
10. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) - 1,000
9. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) - 1,200
8. Jack Nicholson (actor) - 2,000
7. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) - 2,500
6. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) - 3,000
5. Julio Iglesias (singer) - 3,000
4. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) - 4,600
3. Charlie Sheen (actor) - 5,000
2. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000
1. Elvis Preston King (pick up artist and playboy) -21,000

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Western Life is Shaving Years off Men’s Lives

Whether you are talking about the United States in the year 2006 or any other Western country such as Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Canada, England/Wales, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and including modern Japan.
Men are constantly surrounded by things that can rob them of their health. There are fatty foods, sugar, smog, and chemicals in the soil.The air has become unbreathable.

So what can you do about it? Whenever possible get the Hell out of Dodge. Take frequent mancations and for God's sake get laid. (A mancation is a vacation for men only. The Urban Dictionary describes a mancation as a testerone-fueled trip involving sports, gambling and drinking--no wives, no girlfriends). Mancations are Elvis Preston King's specialty!

Get some sleep. The problems of modern life in Western Society rob men of their sleep. Having plenty of sex helps you sleep, but again modern society does NOT allow for you to have harems of women the way men were meant to have them.

SEX! That little three letter word is the word that is KILLING men in Western Society. The lack of SEX! When a man has the kind of WOMEN that he wants life is GOOD and when a man is stuck in a bad relationship that does NOT allow for plenty of extracurricular sex the results can be life threatening. Men who have sex 116 times a year live 1.6 years longer than those who hit the United States average of 58 times a year. (Guys who do it 350 times a year should live an average of eight years longer.)

We are social animals and we need to belong to a pack. If you are in a situation where no one gives a crap if you croak or not and if you are the man who LOVES women and if YOU are NOT getting your fair share of hot beautiful women then there is a social pack you can join if you can convince Elvis Preston King to accept YOU. The Real World's Greatest Playboy has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful girlfriends. Elvis lives in an environmentally friendly Caribbean island with every amenity imaginable right down to three Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses. Besides beautiful available women the Dominican Republic has hundreds of miles of golden-and white-sand beaches that rim both the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts, fronting light turquoise, emerald, and cobalt-blue seas. Elvis Preston King is on a global search looking for just ONE buddy to share in his good fortune. Elvis has SEX 365 days a year and so can YOU my new friend. Sex with a different woman every day is a Zen experience. It is a blissful way to live. Hot sex with many beautiful women is critical to men's very survival.

We need people to love and hot girls to have sex with. The real truth is that our old hearts need a reason to keep beating. Elvis Preston King and all of his hot loving women give your old heart a reason to beat!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Men’s Magazines and Elvis Preston King

From Elvis Preston King’s point of view the media focuses too much on violence.
The modern day man is a confused puppy. Lack of sexual satisfaction leads to increased violence. There is a solution and the solution is Elvis Preston King

There are magazines who are focusing on manly matters such as fashion, health, relationships and sex, certainly of interest to men. As is learning how to meet women is of interest to men. These men’s magazines have left out one serious ingredient: HOW TO GET THE GIRLS! The men of the world have a RIGHT to know about the world’s greatest pick up artist and playboy who teaches men in the field how to pick up and seduce women. Other pick up artists teach pick up but do NOT take it to the seduction level, Elvis’s students average one seduction per night when on a training work shop with the King of Seduction, Elvis Preston King. No one in the world can boast of such successes. Elvis Preston King is known to be the Muhammad Ali of the international seduction community because he, (as Ali did in the past) has no trouble telling the world that he is the world’s greatest. This has caused a lot of controversy and there is a lot of Elvis Preston King hate out there based on envy and disbelief. The NEW younger pick up artists in the international underground seduction community had trouble accepting his claim to fame until Elvis Preston King was a guest speaker at the 2006 Cliffs List Convention in Montreal Canada where he picked up young beautiful Canadian women on camera. Soon to be released on DVD, (

The amazing part of the story is that Elvis Preston King is NOT a YOUNG man. He is 57 years old and lays more hot beautiful women than any man on earth. He is the true Get Laid King. To learn how to get laid the men of the world only need to remember the name Elvis Preston King.

What magazine are the men of the world going to reach for to read this exciting NEWS!

Will it be?

Arena,, Details, Gear,, GQ, Indy Men’s Magazine, Men’s Edge, Men’s Vogue, Outdoor Life, Men’s Health, Maxim, FHM (For Him Magazine), Esquire, Stuff, Strut, True, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal,, Varla, Razor,, Sly, Cargo,, Details, Giant Magazine, Xposed, BLAH Magazine, King,, Loaded, Uploaded, Photo, Rich Guy Magazine, Barracuda Magazine, The Guy Code, Gear magazine, Zoo, Men’s Click, Magazine, Men’s Flair, Sexbuzz Magazine, Chap Magazine, Menz, Smooth, Achilles Heel, unGROOM'd, Urban Male Magazine (UMM), bared, Hooters, Media Robot, Men’s Voices, Fantastic Man, Curvaceous Magazine, Mojo, eMALE, A Man Overboard, Ramp Magazine,, Stuff VS Maxim Magazine, LeoCigar-The Good Life, Cyber Subculture- The Magazine, Raven,,, Aletheia: The Interzine for Men, Breaka Interactive, Smack 'Em Yack 'Em, RiceMen, Café, CKM, Front, Nuts, Ralph, Slitz, Moore,

Or will it be?

Barely Legal, Bejean,Bleikt og blatt, Club International, Curvaceous Magazine, Ele Ela, Escort, Fiesta, Forum, Gallery Magazine, Gent, Hawk, High Society, Hustler, Knave, Le Ore, Loslyf, Mastram, Mayfair, Men’s World, Oui, Over 40, Penthouse, Perfect 10, Playboy, Private, Razzle, Sabra, Score, Sexy, Toro, Urecco, Velvet, VIP, or Voluptous.

Keep your eyes open for the up coming story about the REAL world’s greatest pick up artist and playboy.